Our shows “EsCenas” are made to measure with different themes that adapt to the chosen space and to the needs of the moment, paired with tastings and dinners.

Western EsCena

We will move to the Wild West with the performance of Fran, Dolly and Molly… We will travel to old Texas to experience firsthand how the authentic cowboys spent it.

There will be scenes in the saloon of the “Finca Vaquero Grill”, fights, live music, performances and the odd surprise…
Just let yourself go and enjoy an evening of the entertainment which transports you to another time. All whilst enjoying the best beef from Tenerife…

Organized by Finca Vaquero Grill.


Wine&Sex is a dinner / wine tasting that invites you to enjoy wine through its erotic and gastronomic element in an event where the participant is offered a new, thoughtful way to consume wine. An original and fun formula to be enjoyed with music, stage art, eroticism…

Organized by Bodegas Monje.

Dates for 2023:

April: 22th at 20:30h./ July: 22th at 20:30h. / October: 28th at 20:30h..

Make your reservation:
By Phone at 922585027 or on:

Artistic direction: Jaster & Luis Creaciones


During the 1920s the Prohibition was established in the United States, and in response to the ban, numerous clandestine bars that moved all kinds of alcohol were opened.

Enjoy the wines and dishes of the Wine Club inside the Bodegas Monje, while you live the atmosphere of a speakeasy (clandestine club in the US during the Prohibition 1920) with an “illegal and fun” theatre play.

Organized by Bodegas Monje.

Make your reservation:
By Phone at 922585027 or on:

Artistic direction: Jaster & Luis Creaciones

Crime EsCena

A night that will transport you to the Sicilian mafia of the 30s, to surprise us with sensations, adventure, crime and intrigue. Attendees must, together with the actors, solve “a mysterious murder”, while enjoying a delicious dinner (Best Detective Award!).

In addition, the audience will be invited to attend dressed in the style of the 30s. (The best costumes will be awarded!)


In the course of a 1930s Italian Mafia dinner, the will of D. Césare Caballieri will be read, who died in strange circumstances and was buried just two weeks ago.

According to the official version of events he died of a heart attack, although all the rumors point to poisoning.

Attendees, friends, distant relatives and the most direct will attend the great dinner in honor of D. Césare.

The public that wishes may come dressed in the style of the 30s.

Exotic EsCena

Dreams of the Far East

Interactive Gastro-theater. Themed show-dinner in which the participation of the guests is guaranteed. Fun, magic and good food in its purest form. Actors and dancers, music, dance, stories, stories and haute cuisine come together to create a different and special evening.

A magical night full of exotic nuances, humor and mischief. The pairing of excellent oriental cuisine and interpretation and dancing leads to stories of other exotic cultures. A show for the five senses in a very special atmosphere.