1001 Arabian Nights by Schehrezade

(Adult Version)


The selection of stories of the Thousand and One Nights made and interpreted by Antonia Jaster and directed by Manuel Luis, serve as support to an interpretation full of suggestions and winks. The stories are intertwined in an enveloping way to create a very special atmosphere.

The mixture of what is told, read and interpreted leads us exactly to stories from other cultures, but no less everyday in any other geographical point of view. The use of dance and oriental ritual make interpretation authentic in the treatment of a type of literature closely related to the stories written to be told. It is therefore a show to be seen and heard with the respect of the oriental and the curiosity of the western. A very interesting combination and not without intimacy.


It is said that Sultan Shahriar discovers that his wife betrays him and he kills her. Believing that all women are equally infidels he orders his advisor to get him a wife every day, some daughter of his courtiers, and then he would order her to kill her in the morning. This horrible design is broken by Scheherazade, daughter of the advisor. She plans a plan and carries it out: she offers herself as the Sultan’s wife and the first night manages to surprise the king by telling him a story. The Sultan is enthusiastic about the story, but the girl interrupts the story before dawn and promises the end for the next night. So, it continued for a thousand nights.


Audience: 16-100 years

Time: 60 minutes

Language: Spanish or German


Sound: Pa equipment of 2000 watts, Cd, sound table, a wireless microphone.

Power outlet: 380 or 400 volts


10 PC

2 PC floor

1 PC overhead

1 RC

Black Chamber

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