Custom Routes

Within the genre of Dramatized Routes, ‘Custom’ routes occupy an important place as they exclusively adapt to the place and the subject matter required.

Almond Blossom Route

“Leyendas de miedo” and “Lovers” organized by ayuntamiento de Santiago del Teide. 

Agatha Christie Dramatized Route

A dramatized route for the Festival of Agatha Christie in Puerto de la Cruz.


El Realejo de Taoro

Dramatized route in the old town of Los Realejos organized by ayuntamiento de Los Realejos.


The dark side of the Orotava carpets 

Dramatized route organized by the Museum of Ibero-Americana handicraft of Tenerife, Cabildo de Tenerife and Asociación de Alfombristas de La Orotava.

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