Dreams of a far away Orient

Theatre and dance show based on the stories of “The 1001 Arabian Nights”, with spectacular elements, typical of oriental culture, such as the lion and the Chinese dragon.

The stories and the dramatization are carried out by the actress Antonia Jaster who plays Sherezade and transports us to exotic places with the choreography of five oriental dancers, interspersed with the street dances of the four dancers of China-town break dance.

This mixture of music, dance and words allows us to dream stories and adventures of other cultures and countries. It is a selection of narrations full of suggestions and gestures, humour and mischief, directed by Manuel Luis. The marriage of music, interpretation and dance offers us a show with a very special atmosphere


Audience: adult

Time: approx. 60 minutes

Language: Spanish, English or German


Sound: Pa equipment of 2000 watts, Cd, sound table, a wireless micro.

Power outlet: 380 or 400 volts


10 PC

2 PC floor

1 PC overhead

1 RC

Black Chamber

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