The beginning of a long journey – Humboldt in Tenerife

Bilingual work (Spanish-German) with original texts by Alexander von Humboldt (14.09.1769 – 06.05.1859), one of the most prestigious German scientists, written, directed and interpreted by Antonia Jaster and Ulises G. Hernández, about the visit that he made to the island of Tenerife in 1799 for six days, a stopover on his famous scientific trip to America that lasted five years.

Alexander von Humboldt in his three stages of life always spoke in German and the rest of the characters speak in Spanish. Not understanding one of the two languages is not to the detriment of a perfect understanding of the work, since both contain the same information.


After an eventful crossing, Alejandro de Humboldt arrives at the port of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, where he receives a curious reception. He spends his first day in Santa Cruz and in the first hour of the new day, he goes to the port of La Orotava, visits the botanical garden and stays overnight. Then, after admiring and studying Franchi’s Drago, with great rejoicing he reaches the top of El Teide, after long observations and experiments, he goes down again to the Port of La Orotava, where he mingles with the cultured local society. His trip coincides with the fires of San Juan that illuminate the entire Valley. The next morning, he returns to the port of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, to embark the La Pizarro and set sail that same night to Havana.


Audience: 12 – 99 year.

Duration: 72 minutes.

Actors, text and direction: Antonia Jaster and Ulises Hernández.


Celebrating its premiere, on the World Theatre Day in March 2004, at the Teatro Teobaldo Power in La Orotava and after almost ninety performances, scattered throughout the Canary Islands, (Ministry of Education), Madrid, (Academy of Sciences, Museum National Science, Canary House, Museum of America) Potsdam, (University), Goldkronach, Bayreuth and Berlin, (Academy of Sciences and Humboldt Foundation), Paris (Casa de Mejico) and the publication of the work in 2010 in the Editorial Baile del Sol, we continue the long journey.

Documentary “Humboldt en el Teide”, directed by the filmmaker Javier Trueba and featuring the presentation and narration of the paleontologist Juan Luis Arsuaga




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Antonia Jaster – Ulises G. Hernández

Taken with humor and historical rigor, the text offers the landscapes of Tenerife seen through the eyes of Alexander Von Humboldt. “When the actors have a historical role, we want to get to the real person and not to what they tell us in the books and in this work we have given life to the Humboldt scholar.” And the fact is that the beginning of a long journey focuses, more than on the scientific side, but on the human encounters that the researcher maintained with the inhabitants of the Island. “One of the characteristics of this work is that it can grow a lot, simply by the fact that it is open and very alive “, says its author and interpreter Ulises G. Hernández.


Stage: 5x7m.

Black chamber

10 PC

2 PC floor

1 PC overhead

1 RC

Sound 2.000 W

1 CD

Smoke machine with turbine

For outdoor performances, in very large rooms or with bad acoustics: 2 wireless microphones

4 light channels

Channel 1:

Number 7 overhead

3 frontal

4 frontal

9 against

Channel 2:

Number 1 frontal

2 frontal

8 against

Channel 3:

Number 5 frontal

6 frontal

10 against

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