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Crime and Conquest or the liaisons of Columbus and Beatriz de Bobadilla, tells through a fascinating journey, the exciting story of two desperate personalities, Christopher Columbus and Beatriz de Bobadilla, who meet at the Court of the Catholic Monarchs.) Both capable of anything to obtain gold and power. The Canary Islands, more specifically the island of La Gomera, converts itself in the meeting point for their love affairs. The four voyages of the navigator become a narrative that, through humor and fiction, leads us to the different stages of the construction and drift of a new world, using a scathing and ironic tone that gives off illustrative nuances that are not exempt from criticism. CRIME AND CONQUEST recreates part of the evils and atrocities of the conquest of America, in a surreal and poetic tone contributed by the texts of “Crime” by Agustín Espinosa, with an expeditious, dramatic and fun tempo, to reflect on the destructive power of the invasion and dehumanization that is justified in the disturbed race in search of great profits.


(In order of appearance)

Voices of Court gossip
David Orán, Amanda Pérez, Daniel Sanginés, María Salazar
Susana Fontanarossa (Cristóbal mother)
Antonia Jaster
Cristobal Colón
Manuel Luis
Fernando el Católico voice
Julio Rodríguez
Isabel La Católica voice
Lupe Abrante
Beatriz de Bobadilla
Antonia Jaster
Caronte (
Hades boatman)

Jesús Camacho


Graphics design/ Motion Graphics /Edición
Antonio Barbuzano
Costumes design
Juliana Serrano
Raúl Gonzaléz
Carmen Ramírez
Scenic space
Jaster & Luis Creaciones
Armillary Sphere Design
Julio Rodríguez
Armillary Sphere construction
Hnos. González
Antonia Jaster

Tango Advice
Isabel de la Preugne
Jorge Lozano
Promotion Video
Ivan Pérez
Pedro de Ara
Script and direction
Jaster & Luis Creaciones
Ayuntamiento de Los Realejos, Medio Almud Teatro
A production by
Jaster & Luis Creaciones


This show is thought and designed to be able to overcome the barriers that suppose the technique or the basic needs of infrastructures. For this reason, a large format is presented, for all types of spaces. It is a 6m x 4m x 3m stage space, which includes the technical part (lighting, video and audio) without exceeding 3000w of power. We are therefore talking about a commitment to autonomy and sustainability.

(Lighting and sounds)

  • The PA system must correctly cover the area where the work is carried out.
  • Digital mixer Yamaha LS9, M7CL, CL5, Soundcraft SI, Impact, A&H SQ ……… Have a talkback micro ready and working for communication with the stage.
  • Monitors: 2 amplified boxes of 10 or 12” with tripod to be able to place them at a height of approximately 1.5m.
  • 1 cable with minijack connector on the table and 2 Injection Boxes on stage. Several black power strips for the stage.
  • 2 wireless beltpack systems with omnidirectional lavalier microphones (AKG, Shure, Sennheiser…) To have them in reserve, since the company brings their own.
  • It takes 2h 30min, 1h 30min for assembly and 1h for sound check. IMPORTANT: Approximately 1h 30 min will be needed to collect the decoration.


Minimum stage measurements of 6 meters wide x 4 meters deep. Ideal measurements of the stage of 8 meters wide x 6 meters deep. If the space has a stage dress, a backdrop and 4 legs are requested to measure. In case of not having a scenic dress, it would be worth two screens of 2m high x 2m wide to measure the sides.


Sistema de cableado eléctrico y de DMX para conectar todos los equipos de iluminación de la compañía, dependiendo de la sala y la distancia de las tomas eléctricas pero aproximadamente serían:

  • 6 regletas de 6 tomas.
  • 6 cables de 3×1,5mm shuco m a shuco h de 10 metros.
  • 4 cables de 3×1,5mm shuco m a shuco h de 3 metros.
  • 1 set de cales de DMX : 2 de 3m , 6 de 6m, 4 de 10m.
  • 1 maquina de humo con DMX y su correspondiente liquido.
  • 2 focos LED DML114D RGBW en modo 4 canales. Canal 501. Instalados en el suelo del escenario a cada lado de la boca del escenario.


75 minutes

Crimen y Conquista Teaser

Somos gente fantástica RTVC

Reportaje durante el ensayo

Crimen & Conquista motionpicture