Dramatized Routes

Dramatized Routes Through La Orotava

The Magical Villa de la Orotava and A Place Called La Orotava ©


Allegorical and timeless performances throughout the streets of La Orotava. © Original by Manuel Luis and Antonia Jaster

Enjoy the new way of getting to know the Villa of La Orotava and its history! Live a magical, exciting, intense and fun experience!

The music, the theatre, the spoken word, dance, the charm of the architecture, the cultural essence of the town and the atmosphere of La Orotava, allow audience of these “walking shows ” to get to know the town, its gardens, courtyards, houses , palaces, historic houses, streets and museums through their history in a different, surprising and fun way. Showing us through these dramatized routes, a city becomes alive, full of character, intellectuality, with the attractiveness of the centuries and in perfect balance with modernity.


During a tour full of adventures we will discover a different side to La Orotava. Actors and musicians will dramatize the stories and anecdotes of the valley.

Language: Spanish, English or German based on demand.

Duration: approx. 120 min.

Only with reservations. Limited capacity.

Tfno.: 922359393 / 657280617

Tips:It is essential to wear appropriate footwear and in case of bad weather a raincoat or an umbrella.

A Place Called La Orotava



The storyline of the work, an original by Manuel Luis and Antonia Jaster, is told by ‘Orotava’, that has decided to seduce its visitors showing all its corners and most beautiful places. ‘Amador’, a platonic lover, pursues her desperately, because her zeal to preserve all the stories and worries of her beloved make her a most fervent admirer. The music, the spoken word, the dance, the charm of the architecture and the atmosphere of the town center allow the audience to learn more about its history in a surprising way. It shows a living city, full of tradition, intellectuality, with the charm of past centuries in perfect balance with modernity.

The Magical Villa of La Orotava



The route is a real journey through time with characters who have made history in the valley of La Orotava. Teobaldo Power or Juan Francisco Franchi Alfaro are some illustrious figures that appear and give greater prominence to events and milestones in which they played a part. Thus, the protagonist ‘Orotava’ also narrates her experience and anecdotes on how she ‘felt and lived’, the granting of the titles that she continues to show with great pride today such as those of ‘Villa’ or that of ‘Very Noble’ and ‘Loyal’. In both routes a tasting is offered with locally sourced products from the island.