Theatre Plays

Theatre plays in their conventional format form the basis and origin of the company, since both founders come from the world of conventional theatre. For this reason, theatre plays form a special place within the broad spectrum of offers from Jaster & Luis Creations.

Starting from this base, the offer of work from Jaster & Luis Creations has since extended, to offer everything from monologues to large format shows, street performance, child and adult shows without forgetting the interesting proposal of theatre in different Languages.

It should be noted that there are shows that can be hired in different formats (Monologue, large format show with up to 16 artists, EsCena (theatre dining), surprise performance, parades), languages (Spanish or German), for different audiences (children, family or adult) and with different lengths.



La obra no es teatro, ni ópera, ni performance, ni un poema visual, sino todo eso. Se trata de una fusión de artes escénicas que se combinan para crear una experiencia única para el espectador. Los cuadros, además de mostrarse según la técnica elegida por el autor, cuentan una historia en conjunto, que se desarrolla a lo largo de la obra.

Aunque la propuesta transcurre en el marco de la técnica del Tableau Vivant, lo importante es tener la mirada atenta a todas las posibilidades. Lienzos que se hacen carne para mostrarnos en toda su crudeza la posibilidad de tener una visión crítica, condescendiente o divertida de la acción.

La vida del lienzo, no pertenece sólo a la actuación, sino al conjunto de artes que se aúnan para crear otra perspectiva que, quizás, nunca antes habíamos pensado.

60 min.

Crime and Conquest

Tells through a fascinating journey, the exciting story of two desperate personalities, Christopher Columbus and Beatriz de Bobadilla, who meet at the Court of the Catholic Monarchs.) Both capable of anything to obtain gold and power. The Canary Islands, more specifically the island of La Gomera, converts itself in the meeting point for their love affairs.

75 min.

The Magical 1001 Arabian Nights

Fantasy and reality. Excellent literature for children, which allows the understanding of other cultures.

Oriental tales, besides entertaining, teach us and lead us towards the truths of life.

The use of fables within the teaching gives us the possibility to imagine and exercise the creativity of children.

The story of “The Fisherman and the Genius” shows us the capacity that humans have to doubt, even in the face of danger, only for the fact of coveting things.

15 min. / group

1001 Arabian Nights by Schehrezade

The selection of stories of the Thousand and One Nights made and interpreted by Antonia Jaster and directed by Manuel Luis, serve as support to an interpretation full of suggestions and winks. The stories are intertwined in an enveloping way to create a very special atmosphere.

60 min.

The Magical Journey of the Little Prince

“The magical journey of the Little Prince”, a show proposed Jaster & Luis Creaciones, leads us on an exciting journey to the corner of emotions and reflection that surround the worlds and planets of “The Little Prince” by Exupéry.

It is a show constructed and designed for the enjoyment of the spoken word that has been put alongside movement, with the intention of stimulating the viewer to reflect on the wonderful mystery of living.

60 min.

The beginning of a long journey – Humboldt in Tenerife

With original texts by Alexander von Humboldt (14.09.1769 – 06.05.1859), one of the most prestigious German scientists, written, directed and interpreted by Antonia Jaster and Ulises G. Hernández, about the visit that he made to the island of Tenerife in 1799 for six days, a stopover on his famous scientific trip to America that lasted five years.

Alexander von Humboldt in his three stages of life always spoke in German and the rest of the characters speak in Spanish. Not understanding one of the two languages is not to the detriment of a perfect understanding of the work, since both contain the same information.

72 min.

Dreams of a far away Orient

With spectacular elements, typical of oriental culture, such as the lion and the Chinese dragon.

The stories and the dramatization are carried out by the actress Antonia Jaster who plays Sherezade and transports us to exotic places with the choreography of five oriental dancers, interspersed with the street dances of the four dancers of China-town break dance.

60 min.

The Colonial Adventures of the Banana

From its history and trajectory to where it places us today. Taking as reference any banana farm, as if it were the first plantation and using it as an example of the prevailing model in the islands, which would apply to any plantation adapting to the particularities of each.

15 min.

Stories about Elves

From the stories of The Elves and The Shoemaker (Brothers Grimm) and The Elves of Cologne (August Kopisch) as support for reading and understanding it.

20 min. / 60 min.

Shadow Theatre

The aim is to visualize the literature of different internationally renowned authors such as Pablo Neruda, Shakespeare, Friedrich, Lorca, etc… through shadows, images and words. Creating an attractive and entertaining set suitable for the whole family. The combination of actors, music, images and words show us the poem in a three-dimensional version that makes it fun and attractive to all ages.

Miss Sophie’s Birthday

It is a sketch in which two comedians Antonia Jaster (servant) y Manuel Luis (Miss Sophie) stage a dinner service on the occasion of the celebration of the 90th birthday of the lady.

12-15 min.

Max und Moritz

For the Spanish audience, it may seem a little-known work, but we assure that there is no German child or adult who has not read it. A humorous monologue, starring Antonia Jaster, directed by Manuel Luis. The play is interspersed with classic and modern elements. The rhythm of the work is marked not only by the verse of the text, but also by tap steps, which pretend to be metronomes of the same text rhythm. Although it is a text originally for the young audience, the staging definitely brings the spectacle to the adult audience, allowing it to be enjoyed by young and old.


60 min.

To wine or not to wine

A show designed to be represented in different spaces, and we are always looking at surrounding environments either because of their architecture or because of their idyllic spaces. The concept aims for the public to experience a different experience around wine in which interpretation, music, gastronomy, history and literature are combined with Shakespeare and Falstaff as a common thread.

60 min.

Flora & Florentín

Didactic reflection through children’s play-family theater, which claims in a humorous tone the care of nature, the environment and sustainability.

The siblings, Flora and Florentín, who actually live in the 18th century, have traveled with their time machine through the centuries. Once in the 21st century, the changes and technological advances amaze them.

Aprox. 60 min.

Humboldt tells us…

The German actress, Antonia Jaster, in the figure of the famous naturalist, scientist and explorer, Alexander von Humboldt, describes in a monlog, his life and work, his journey to the Americas and his short visit of Tenerife.

60 min.